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A commercial or home alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent; 60% of intruders say they would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm. So whether you’re going away on holiday, or simply turning the lights out after a long day at work, a fitted home alarm system can offer complete peace-of-mind, protecting both your belongings, and – most importantly – you and your family. With all this in mind,

We have a comprehensive range of alarms to suit any property. Whether you’d like to install the Alarm yourself, or have a professional install the Alarm system at your home – we have an alarm for you. Secure your home with a Home Alarm An intruder alarm system is designed to detect intruder presence at your premises.

When detected, a siren will activate and communicate an alarm signal to one of our highly sophisticated Monitoring centres, from where an appropriate response will be coordinated. Intruder systems can be either hard wired or wireless